Sunday, 14 June 2015

Comp shop and evaluation

Comp shop evaluation 

You find that in general the more expensive the item the more Elastine  was included in the product . The Elastine gives the luxury feeling and stretchy comfort. Because River island doesn't have a sport wear division . I used similar comparable items. I feel the Rio collection is offering the right amount of Elastine to satisfy our customers and provide the range at a price point that they are used to at river island.
I felt that:
 New look 
Are all good competitive shops all of these brands have incorporated active wear into their ranges .  They also have men's women's and children's clothes. For this reason I thought it unfair to use comparisons such as sweaty Betty .
Sports wear is here to stay and will continue for the foreseeable future.
I feel sports luxe could be a core driver at river island. I feel the river island customer would enjoy this range done in a way that only River island can. Currently River island must go to shops that do not offer the same quality as they do.

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