Thursday, 9 August 2012

Vera Wang

The wedding cake is a celebration of all that is fun and frivolous at the wedding reception. Wedding cakes are always acknowledged as decoration, symbolism and ritual (not to mention as dessert) but the most memorable ones are as imaginative as they are delicious.

I love wedding cakes with some contrast or element of surprise, such as fresh fruit inside layers of frosting. In choosing your wedding cake, look for inspiration in books, magazines and on websites in addition to the baker’s look-book.

On the day of your wedding, superstition dictates the groom place his hand on the bride’s to guide it, as she is required to cut the first piece. He then feeds his bride and she in turn feeds him – their first meal together as a newlywed couple. - XO, Vera's take on the wedding cake tradition visit for the new collection.

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