Sunday, 20 May 2012

Style shoot

I write this blog to share fashion news .I like to discuss new trends fom the catwalks. I will be looking at inovations and new collections from fashion houses and up coming designers. I will be reporting to see how these looks are transformed for the highghstreet . I think more and more people use fashion to make a statement. You can make a positive fashion impact no matter what your size or budget.

i have one less thing to cross of my bucket list. every few months i make a list of things i should have acheived or actioned. So far i have done my bit for charity, acting as a steward for a Cancer run. I am learning new skills, taking an evening class in Lampshade and cushion making . Which is kind of a backward step from the dress making class i took last year. However if you saw my efforts you would understand! I have visited a museum and even made it to the gym. so all in all a good start to the year.

Yesterday was a first, i put together some looks for a model and photographed it for my portfolio. the whole process took just over two hours . I managed to get atleast 10 looks in 5 locations. Shooting ouside in the streets of London is always amusing because the unexpected will always happen at an un welcome time. Today was no different. Mid session my camera runs out of memory! Luckily i have several camera divices I Phone ect... Which saved the day!Crisis averted shoot completed.My new mission is to get my efforts in a publication in print and/or online. I suspect this could be an all day affair as hair and make up and photograpers will be needed. Its not until you try to do something yourself that you respect the professionals that do it.

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