Sunday, 12 July 2015

Fashion Retail Academy graduation

Here is some photos from my graduation attended by ex priminister Tony Blair , Paloma Faith , sir Phillip Green ( founder) Ciara and Vernon Kay with wife Tess daly. In attendance were CEO's from Next, Experian ,M&S and Tesco 

Held in Covent Garden over 800 students graced the red carpet at Freemasons hall on the 8th July 2015. I would really recommend FRA if you want to work in fashion.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Final week

So it's my final week . And I have just my evaluation to do . I am looking forward to starting my work placement so I can put all this theory into practice. It will also give me the experience I need for my cv.

I am rather happy! PESTLE is something I have always struggled with as it usually takes me hours researching each subsection of each Country of Origin but luckily came across some great PESTLE articles for the countries I am sourcing from - these will look great in my research file! I just need to highlight important parts .then write the sourcing essay part of my FMP.

Photoshop or Indesign

I researched my idea of presenting my work in a magazine format. I originally thought I would just do this in Photoshop but through some searching online I have discovered that Abode's InDesign is a good programme to use with many professional companys using it to create their published magazines. Apart from a very brief use of the programme in Pixel, I am very much a begginner of this programme. This may take me longer to create my work than I initially planned as I will need to work out how to use the programme and how to navigate it. Therefore I will do the whole presentation in PowerPoint . Then transfer into Indesign if I have time.